I'm a young tech enthusiast interested in almost every field of modern technology and art. I started coding when I was 7 years old, and it stayed my passion to this day. I love creating and making things possible, which has motivated me to start exploring and reading about different topics and areas. I'm currently participating in a few projects and also leading some. In my free time, I'm usually the 'IT guy' who fixes everyone's computers and works as a freelancer.

When I first started coding in BASIC, I got very interested in it and started discovering other languages. Today I have a basic knowledge of 10+ languages including: C, Java, PHP (my favorite), JavaScript (both browser and NodeJS), Go, etc. Creating and designing websites is just one of the things I do. Handling both backend and frontend development, I'd call myself a full stack developer. I support Open Source software and like to contribute to different projects when I have the time and knowledge needed.

One of my big passions is also photography and filmography. I love filming cinematic footage and editing it later. While mostly having the 'artistic' approach, I also had the role of an official photographer on a few events. With internet as my main source of knowledge and information, I like the experimental branches of art. If you'd like to see some of my photos or films, click the link in the menu.

When it comes to music, I can listen to any genre but I especially like Electronic dance music. My favorite subgenres are Future Bass, Trap, Electronic and I also appreciate Indie music a lot. I play guitar and piano and love composing new melodies, and producing my own music.

If you want to see some of my work or contact me, feel free to browse the website by using the menu above.