So.. YouTube just started doing something bad. I used to have a background tab that was playing a music playlist, and normally, ads wouldn't start - because the tab wasn't focused.

Yesterday, I noticed that ads now play even if the tab is in background. Which can be really annoying, especially when listening to music playlists.

I honestly hope this is just a bug......

And yes, I know, I haven't posted anything since I made this new blog, but I will try to be more active from now on.. I've recently been working a lot on a project which I will post more info about soon!

Launched my new website!

Just a quick update. Made this from stratch in about a month. :)

Those few lines of code can crash your browser

Update September 2017: it seems like some browsers (or at least Chrome) have fixed the bug and don't crash, but they become really slow.

Warning: DO NOT open this page if you have important stuff open in your browser! Use another browser or save and close everything important you have open!
Link: http://www.imthele.com/eg/

A new vulnerability has been discovered in almost every popular browser used today. It can crash your browser, and if you’re an Apple device user, it can restart your device!

What those lines of code actually do is simple:

  1. Create a new empty string called ‘str’
  2. Start a loop that repeats one hundred thousand times
  3. Add the number of done repeats (as a string) to the ‘var’
  4. Uses HTML5 API’s history.pushState to create a new history entry which contains the previously generated enormous string

That way, the code overloads your resources and causes your browser to freeze. On Apple devices, for some reason unfamiliar to me, the device even reboots!

I don’t know how browsers are planning to fix this bug but I truly hope they will as this kind of stuff could be put into ads on thousands of websites and cause millions of people loosing their work after their browsers crashed!

Until it’s fixed, you have a way to troll your friends :)

I got a drone!

Ok before you attack me.. It’s a freaking quadcopter. Whatever.

The model is JJRC’s H16 Tarantula X6. I ordered it this summer from BangGood for about $60 bucks. It arrived pretty soon but the customs held it and charged me extra 25%…..

I got the version without a camera because, let’s be real, the integrated camera is shit. So I decided to mount a GoPro Hero+ LCD on it (credits to Insider). I used a strap mount that I got when I ordered that one $20 “1080p action camera” off eBay. (the only reason I think that camera was worth it is because of all the mounts I got).

The first flight was pretty hard for me because it was my first time actually controlling a drone/quadcopter, but I got used to it after crashing it into the grass a few times. I also have some great photos (taken from the GoPro footage)


Then this happened.

It got out of range.. But don’t worry, no flying vehicles were harmed during the making of that footage (I glued it back together).

This was a great experience and I will surely learn to control it better so maybe I’ll be able to make some professional footage!

I visited Microblink and Photomath

During my summer vacation last month I met Izet. He happens to be the Co-Founder of the Microblink – a company that developed a worldwide famous app called Photomath. I’m sure most of you have already heard about it. Basically, it solves math problems and shows the steps.
The company is specialized in the field of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and makes different kinds of solutions for mobile scanning.

Anyway, today I got invited to visit their office and it was quite an experience for me, so I decided to share it on my blog!


First of all, I was impressed by the building their office is in. It’s apparently the tallest building in Zagreb, and it has the fastest elevators too.

I entered their office and I was taken for a short tour. It looks really nice and modern! I love the calculations on their walls. The team seemed really friendly and they asked me a few questions. (I took the picture during their lunch break so that’s why nobody is there, oops)


Izet introduced me to Boris, and then we all sat and talked. I shared my experiences and projects and they told me more about how and what they work on.
I learned a few good things regarding development, here’s one of them: programming literature such as books are really useful for gaining a wider picture of problems and better understanding the logic behind tasks and problems, even though their language and technology might be outdated.



We then went to the top floor of the building and the view was stunning!

This visit was very meaningful for me as I met some new people and learned new things I might be using in my everyday life.
I want to say thanks to Microblink and especially Izet for having me over!

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