Negative effect of the new gTLDs

You probably recently saw domains with what looked at first, weird extensions.
Here are a few negative ways the new Generic Top Level Domains could affect the internet.

1. Hoaxes and malware
The new gTLDs are very cheap, not to say some can even be obtained for free. That means that ‘anyone’ can register a domain. The problem about this is that hackers with malicious websites are going to obtain the free or cheap domains to host their malicious code, RATs, etc.


2. Branding
It will become impossible for smaller companies to brand their name over all TLDs. It will also become more possible to trick users into thinking they are visiting the official website while they are actually browsing the same domain on a different TLD that could be collecting their info.

3. Advertisement
With the new gTLDs, it is very easy to advertise your domain, even when there is an anti-advertisement system. The reason is that the anti-ad system won’t detect the domain as a domain because it actually consists of a word and the user might just had forgot to put a space after the dot.
This will mainly affect smaller communities, especially forums, which are already facing problems with advertisers coming to their borads and sending links to their website and dragging members to their community.

I am predicting the new gTLDs will not get much fame and mostly die until the end of 2016. What do you think about them?

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