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Nyffo - Free DNS

What is Nyffo?
This is a project I’ve been working on for some time. We offer web hosting, game hosting, web services and a free DNS service.
While the other services are still in development, the DNS service is fully done and available to everyone!

Why is the DNS service free?
Because we want to provide a good and reliable service to people who were looking for one.
We’ve been through a lot of struggles when it comes to DNS and we don’t want you to have same experience.
And no, there are no limitations because the service is free. You can add an unlimited number of zones and records!

Who can use this service?
Anyone who owns a domain name!
DNS is a system that resolves a domain name (e.g. example.com) to an IP address (e.g.
All you have to do to start using our service is verify your ownership over the domain by pointing it to our nameservers!

Where are the nameservers hosted? Uptime? DDoS protection?
We give our users the ultimate choice to choose two of our servers to use as their nameservers.
Currently, we can offer DNS service on two OVH servers: in France and in Canada. We will soon be adding more servers for the users to choose from.
All of our servers have a 99.99% uptime on a month scale.
Our servers also come with a DDoS protection – the current ones are using OVH’s DDoS protection. This ensures the uptime and the quality of our service.

What panel/software are you using? How hard is it to set up my zone and records?
The panel is completely custom coded and we have put a lot of effort into it.
On the nameservers, we are running a modified version of an open source software called PowerDNS.
Setting up a zone and the first record is really simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

Are the DNS records valid and do they follow the RFC?
Of course! Take a look at it yourself:
Here’s a DNS test result from MXToolBox:

And here’s a result from Pingdom’s “DNS Health” service:

So how do I use it?
We think it’s really easy to figure it out yourself. However, if you can’t for any reason, we’ve made you a tutorial.
– Open Nyffo and register your account by clicking the upper right button.
– We don’t require you to specify an email to make the registration process less painful, but we still do recommend adding and verifying an email address in the Account section.
– Add a new Domain to your account (here, for the lazy ones)
– Create a new NS Container by choosing a primary and a secondary nameserver and specifying a name for your new Container
– Verify your ownership over the Domain you previously added by following the simple instructions shown on the Panel
– In the newly created Container, you can now add your previously verified Domain as a zone and add new records to it!

I need help with ___! What do I do!? …or… I found a bug!
Use the email provided on our website to contact us!

Hexa Music

If you’re into electronic dance music, you’ve probably heard lately of the new music promotion channel called Hexa Music on YouTube.

Website: http://hexa.party/
YouTube: http://hexa.party/youtube
SoundCloud: http://hexa.party/soundcloud
Facebook: http://hexa.party/facebook

Here are a few things you might be asking yourself about the channel.

How it all started?
Well I’ve always been into EDM and have been collecting my favorite songs into a playlist which very soon became a bit hard to manage. I decided to open a music channel on YouTube to upload the songs I like the most. A friend of mine helped me with that as he had more free time and so we started the Hexa Music channel.

Where did the name come from?
To be honest, I don’t know either.. Random, I guess!

What genres do you upload?
We’re trying to avoid putting ‘EDM’ anywhere in the motto or logo because I also like to listen to some songs that aren’t so much electronic and would maybe like to post them on my channel too. So for now, we’re only uploading EDM, but don’t let it surprise you if you see another genre uploaded!

How’d the channel get popular?
Okay I have to admit it, it’s not even that popular yet. We are about to hit 100 subscribers as I type. But our upload of marshmello’s remix of Adele’s Hello blew up and has over 13k views! We started to receive mails on daily bases from people asking us to publish their songs. I’m personally so excited over that because I’ve never had that much audience somewhere and I would like to provide everyone a chance to succeed. So you can also feel free to send us your songs!

How do you make those cool visuals?
The first few videos on the channel were literally ‘noobish’. When we started to get more attention, I decided to sit down and create a new design. We’re using After Effects to create those effects. I had a very little knowledge about AE, but thanks to YouTube tutorials and the CreativeCow forum, I’ve been able to create this masterpiece! I might some day post the Project file, but for now, here’s only a screenshot.


How do you render videos, how long does it take?
We used to render the raw file (yes, raw file for every song!; 40+GB per song) and then rerender it in Vegas Pro or Premiere Pro. However that process was time consuming, using too much CPU and didn’t allow us to work in AE while rendering. Then I’ve discovered Adobe Media Encoder. It renders your composition in background and can also use OpenCL. That way, an average song takes about 1 hour to render and it’s ready for upload encoded in H.264!

Who designed the logo?
As always, my faithful designer, metros. Make sure to follow him!

Why do you sometimes say ‘I’ and sometimes ‘We’?
Ah… My friend (who I started the channel with) and I got in a fight and right now, I’m the only one working for the channel.. I still miss him though and got used to write ‘we’. So yeah, I’ll notify you if he returns!
Edit: the friend and I aren’t in a fight anymore, but I’m still the only one working on the channel.

If you want to know anything else, make sure to leave a comment!
Thanks for reading!

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